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You are one of 2-5 short order cooks working in a greasy diner. The battle is on when the owner tells the crew that one of you will be promoted to head cook by the end of the night! Work your rump roast off to serve the best recipe you can. All the while still making time to sabotage your opponents and hurting their chances as well.

Can you win, secure the job, and become the next Short Order Hero?

With concept and illustration by former Disney and Warner Bros. artist, Greg Wray, players are sure to delight in the style and design put into this game.

Short Order Hero is a 2 to 5 player game that can be played in a quick 20 to 30 minutes. Heroes can be aged 9 and up. 


The box shown in this image is rendered and is subject to change.







Once we reach our goal, we're not done! We have additional goodies we'd like to add to the game. Spread the word about the project and help us make a better game!

 Here is a sample of what it will look like:


 ...more to come?

Here are some early independent reviews by game reviewers. We sent them early prototype copies of the game to try out. See what they have to say!

Since the Dice Odyssey review we changed Food Pyramid to Secret Ingredient and changed the rule. It is now a wild card for any one ingredient. 

Since this review we changed the end game rules and some of the card rules.


Wyvern Gaming, is three best buddies who have been playing games together since we could roll dice. We've always had many ideas for projects and games and now with your help we can continue the fun. Our day jobs include software development, project management, training, and marketing, so we feel like we have the right skills to pull this off.

This will be our third title for Wyvern Gaming. The previous two, Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game and Onami, only became a reality because of people like you that backed us on Kickstarter.


Since our previous Kickstarters, we are very proud to have partnered up with publishers and distribution channels. Wyvern Gaming is now a design studio with full-time personnel working on our games.


Kickstarter is our proving ground for new games. Our games start here, and the ones that are successful get published into our distribution and retail channels. So we need your help to make Short Order Hero a reality.

We plan to have Short Order Hero available at Gen Con 2017 for demo and preview. This year we'll be found inside the Ninja Division booth and running demos of all our games in the game room. Gen Con 2017 is going to be great time come join us!

Twitter: @WyvrenGaming 


We are very pleased to offer free shipping in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. We also ship to all other countries at an equitable additional cost.

 How To Play

A player always begins their turn by drawing a card and then completes one of the two options below.  

        ● Take one or more Actions
        ● Draw an additional card to end their turn.  

         ● Discard one or more cards to draw that many cards to your hand. This action can only be performed once per turn.
         ● Cook Recipes by laying down all of the required Ingredients listed on an available Recipe Card. Once a Recipe has been cooked the player who cooked it takes the Recipe and adds it to their completed orders.
         ● Add Spices and Seasonings to an already completed Recipe
         ● Acquire new cards by playing cards that allow you to draw new cards or steal cards from other players
          ● Sabotage other players by adding Black Hairs and Cockroaches to another player’s already completed Recipes 


Available Rewards:

$20USD + Shipping

Sous Chef

Free Shipping to United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China!
Anticipated MSRP $24.99


  • Base Game + All Stretch Goals
  • Print & Play Copy

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